WEM Hydration Kit

WEM has to be my favourite Citrix acquisition to date, it’s simple, easy to drive and is going to play a huge part in the Citrix stack moving forward.

There are some challenges at the moment around mirroring or porting certain configurations around to different deployments, and the lack of PowerShell is a touch frustrating, but I am hoping with time that will come

I have put together a WEM Hydration kit over on GitHub, that I will continue to update as I go along with the more common applications, and other actions that I find useful for environment control via WEM.

These configurations are all handled by the WEM export functionality, and can be directly imported into your environment for you to then assign accordingly. Some actions may require a change of path or location to suit your environment, however they are all marked in the appropriate Inventory.txt file

Initial list within this release as follows, there is a master list which contains everything, as well as individual breakdowns so you can be selective for certain features/functions if required

Simply download the kit, and import into WEM using the restore wizard in the Administration Console.


Select your actions then select your apps (or choose all)


Select Next


Once completed you are ready to assign to your users


Beats manually creating them…

Current kit release as below:

Master Kit:
Contains all Applications, File System and Registry Actions to date (A detailed list is found here Inventory List)

IE Easy List Kit:
Contains registry and file system actions to control the IE Tracking protection utilising EasyList. You will need to customise these for your own environment

Windows Explorer / Environmental Control Kit:
Contains some basic Windows Shell Environmental Controls such as icon sizing

Logon Performance Kit:
Contains registry keys relating to increasing logon performance

This is a start – please feel free to comment with additional common actions that you deploy via WEM which may help the community, and I will test and add them to the kit

You can find the source here: WEM Hydration Kit


15.11.17 Update: Note that there is an updated post with some more community input for this tool here

27.11.17 Update: UPM Module Added Here

16 thoughts on “WEM Hydration Kit

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  1. Hi James, Trying to Import the kit into WEM 1811.0.1.1 and when I browse to the _Master folder in the restore utility it never enables the checkboxes of what to import. Any ideas?


      1. Oops, my fault. I wasn’t aware you actually have to click on Applications to restore Applications Settings since to install the default ones that come with WEM you just go right to Restore.


  2. Hi James — thanks for the great contribution to the community!! Have you tested this with 1909? When I get to the screen that should show me the specific settings so I can choose which to restore, it’s blank. Any ideas?


    1. There are only actions available rather than settings for the most part – one exemption to that would be the UPM module. Select the master folder and you should see actions light up


      1. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to import any actual settings. The ‘actions’ do light up but after that on the restore screen I don’t actually see any apps to restore where I would expect to see a list of Office, Adobe, and other apps. I’ve tried both 1909 and 1903 and both have the same result. Is this working for you without issue?


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